A Message From Company Safety Officer James Ryback:

  • Have a safe escape route if a fire emergency occurs in your home. Also, have one central meeting place when your family has safely exited the building. Remember, property can be replaced, lives can not. Make sure you instruct your family and rehearse the emergency plan.
  • Keep all poisonous products out of reach from children.
  • Do not try to put a fire out yourself. Many people are injured, or even do further damage trying to extinguish a fire on their own. They waist valuable time!. Call 911 and leave it to the pro’s.
  • Remember, if for any reason your clothes are on fire: STOP...DROP...AND ROLL. Train your children.
  • Pick one date a year to replace your batteries in your smoke detectors. Select a time that everyone will remember. Some will replace their batteries twice a year, when they change their clock “ahead in the spring”, or “behind in the fall.”
  • Make sure all flammable products are stored properly in well vented areas so they do not ignite.
  • Have your wood stove and chimney cleaned regularly. Also, have your wood stove installation inspection done by your Town’s Fire Marshall.
  • Never empty ashes in a plastic container.

Kitchen Fire Safety: